Here at Expedition Motor Company, you get to build a unique 4x4 classic G-Wagen that will represent you and your vision. Your restored G-Wagen represents the epitome of classic 4x4’s and a true vision of automotive beauty. .

Beginning: A 1990-1993 ex-military Gelandewagen that's led a tough life. Add: vision, metal, dedication, paint, love and tons of refinements. Result: A restored EMC 250GD Wolf that we love to test drive before it gets to your home.  

G-Wagen Restoration Specialists

We specialize in one thing, and one thing only – restoring G-Wagen’s. Each 250GD Wolf that we restore is a bespoke masterpiece with nearly 1,000 hours in the making. All our frame-off restored vehicles are turnkey solutions so that you may enjoy another 25 years of fun and service making your restored 4x4, a vehicle that you experience, not just drive.

The Restoration Process What might seem as a simple re-build couldn’t be further from the truth. Restoring a classic G-Wagen into a modern masterpiece requires ingenuity, imagination and a true eye for detail. With EMC, our process ensures that even the radio is set to valid stations when you pick your show pony up for its first ride! : Search Initial Inspection Disassembly Mechanical & Electrical Shop Powertrain Body Shop Assembly Quality Control Delivery OUR RESTORATION PROCESS

About us

Individually, we are specialists in everything Mercedes-Benz. Collectively, we are Expedition Motor Company and we fully restore and tailor the classic G-Wagen to your exact specifications. We work alongside you to make your dream truck a reality, sharing our extensive knowledge, passion, and expertise to ensure the result is the best possible Mercedes G-Class restoration in the world. .

Mercedes G Wagon Front

Own The G-Wagen Of Your Dreams

Whether you are looking for a daily driver, a weekend beach cruiser, or a bad-ass hunting rig – you will find joy from riding in a fully restored convertible G-Wagen. Contact us for the truck of your dreams.