Here at Expedition Motor Company, you get to build a unique 4x4 classic G-Wagen that will represent you and your vision. Your restored G-Wagen represents the timeless beauty of classic 4x4s and the utilitarion nature of the Wolf.

Beginning: A 1990-1993 ex-military Gelandewagen that's led a tough life. Add: vision, metal, dedication, paint, love and tons of refinements. Result: A restored EMC 250GD Wolf that we love to test drive before it gets to your home.  

G-Wagen Restoration Specialists

We specialize in one thing, and one thing only – restoring G-Wagens. Each 250GD Wolf that we restore is a bespoke masterpiece with nearly 2,000 hours in the making. All our frame-off restored vehicles are turnkey solutions so that you may enjoy another 25 years of fun and service making your restored 4x4, a vehicle that you experience, not just drive.

The Restoration Process

Each step of of the restoration process seems simple enough right? You try it! Alex even remembers to wipe the bluetooth memory after test driving the builds.
Get to know the EMC Process:


Initial Inspection


Mechanical & Electrical Shop


Body Shop


Quality Control


About us

Individually, we are specialists in everything Mercedes-Benz. Collectively, we are Expedition Motor Company and we fully restore and tailor the classic G-Wagen to your exact specifications. We work alongside you to make your dream truck a reality, sharing our extensive knowledge, passion, and expertise to ensure the result is the best possible Mercedes G-Class restoration in the world. .

Mercedes G Wagon Front

Own The G-Wagen Of Your Dreams

Whether you are looking for a daily driver, a weekend beach cruiser, or a bad-ass hunting rig – you will find joy from riding in a fully restored convertible G-Wagen. Contact us for the truck of your dreams.