What type of models do you restore and sell?

Please note that the units that we restore and sell are typically over 25 years old to comply with U.S import regulations.
In the Land Rover world, we restore and sell the following models:
Defender 90              Defender 110
Defender 130                        Range Rover
In the Mercedes-Benz world, we restore and sell the following models:
240GD                        250GD
290GD                        300GD
We also restore and sell the G290 and G300 (petrol versions) We do prefer our diesels though for their bulletproof lifestyles!
Additionally, we restore LWB (Long Wheel Base) versions of most GWagon models.

Lead time on a Bespoke Build?

It's hard to describe the pleasure that you get when you drive a vehicle that you know is very unique in the U.S. Market. It's even harder to describe the incredible feeling knowing that you designed it yourself. Our clients chose to order bespoke because every one has had a dream, and we can turn it into reality. The lead time to receiving a bespoke, tailored-for-you fully restored Defender or Gwagen is approximately 3 months to your door.

Can you restore my Gelandewagen or Defender?

Sorry everybody! At the moment, we are not restoring client-owned vehicles. This is not to say that this will not change soon: we have plans on the way.

Where do you source your Gelandewagens?

Depending on the type of Gelandewagen we are restoring it can be sourced from anywhere in the world! As our customers have a strong demand for cabrios, we maintain strong first right of refusal contracts with several European militaries for their units.  These contracts allow us to choose the units we want to work on to provide our clients with the best possible truck.

Where do you source your Defenders?

The majority of our Defenders are sourced from Central Italy and Africa. We prefer Central Italy and Africa as opposed to how Defenders are typically sourced (U.K.) for weather conditions that lead to less rust. Away from the sea and humid salt breeze, our Defenders arrive for inspection with limited rust. We choose to not work on rotted vehicles.

Do you sell parts?

We do not sell parts, but we will gladly guide you in the right directions. Parts for both Gelandewagens and Defenders are readily available in the U.S. from multiple vendors.

Can you ship a truck to outside the U.S?

We have a strong network of freight forwarders that specialize in shipping vehicles all around the world. We can ship your restored Gwagon or Defender to any country in the world.